Grade 6 imagination, part 2

Writings by Jason and David from grade 6, drawings by me.

I had a Dream by Jason
Yesterday I had an interesting dream. I dreamed that I had a magic pen. Whatever I drew with the magic pen would come true. I was very excited. What I drew was an Earth.
Then my mother asked me: “Why did you draw an Earth? Why didn’t you draw money? You told me you wanted to be a rich person”.
“Money isn’t so important. Now the Earth is all polluted. We need a new Earth to live.” I replied.
Suddenly I opened my eyes. All I had was a wonderful dream.

Zombie diet by David
Once upon a time there was a little boy. He liked to have adventures very much. He was at school [and] he was very brave.
When he went home he saw a forest beside his house, there wasn’t a forest beside his house this morning. He thought it was strange, so he walked into the forest, [there] he saw a very big tree in the middel [of the forest], and there was a door in the tree, so he opened the door and walked in.
And he saw a beautiful world. There were fairies, diamond trees, bread trees, coca cola trees. But he saw a toilet at the corner around the biggest tree. He went in and found a zombie.
The zombie said: “I want brains, I want brains with icecream, I want brains with chocolate and I want brain steaks! Come here, baby!”
“No, I wont! Your diet isn’t very good. Yours isn’t as healthy as mine. I eat vegetables, meat and fruit every day. As you see, my diet is healthier than yours”, [the little boy said]
“Wow!!! How incredible! Do you think that’s very tasty?”
“Of course I do!”
“Thanks! You saved my life!”
The zombie ran out of the toilet happily, but he stopped.
He thought: “Vegetables, meat and fruit are not tasty, they’re aweful!” Now the zombie is very angry and wants to attack the boy!
But the boy had already planted many plants and the plants start to attack the zombie. When the zombie died other zombies felt that and came to attack the boy, the boy had continued to plant the magic plants and they had a super fight: plant vs. zombie.


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