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Quote of the week #5

Things a friend said the other day, deliberately and delightfully taken out of context: “Probably the best reason to have kids is to harvest their organs”. And, a moment later: “Evolution is racist”. Advertisements

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Quote of the week #4

“If you ignore him, you’ll have a great conversation.”

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Quote of the week (3)

“My girlfriend got married today…” is what a male friend of mine said to me today…

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Quote of the week (2)

While having lunch in the school cafeteria the other day, I told one of my colleques about my last quote of the week and the promtly said: “I heard Jesus is a scientologist…”  

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Quote of the week

Today, as I was ‘happily’ working away on my students marks, a colleague stopped by my office apparently just to share some wise words with me. Here is what he said: “The lower your standards are the more you get … Continue reading

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Lost in translation, part two (Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken)

Public notices keep surprising me. Enjoy!

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Interesting conversations

I love the conversations I sometimes have with WaterWhabbit (Andy) (RoboChickie = me). During the foot massage Andy woke me from a semi slumber with this: WaterWhabbit: “would you rather hang yourself from a branch, a beam, the rafters or … Continue reading

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