Chen Shan Botanical Garden: SPRING!

Continuing from the previous post:

Last Friday the school organized a trip to the Chen Shan Botanical Garden for all the teachers.
It was a wonderful sunny day, and even though not everything was in bloom yet and the grass was still the typical brown, the garden (which was more like a park than anything else) was beautiful.

It was so quiet there. It had been a long time since all I could hear was my breath, footsteps and the wind rustling through the trees. I kept finding these nice spots to sit for a while and just be quite. Finally outside, silent and alone. No noises of busy streets and talking people, nothing to give attention to but myself and the wind.

Here are some pictures I took while soaking up all that silent beauty, enjoy!


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4 Responses to Chen Shan Botanical Garden: SPRING!

  1. Lisa/Felice says:

    Wow ! Indeed, the Chinese people are still great in beauty and even in being quiet now and then. Enjoy too Liza. Love, Lisa.

  2. Dasha says:

    Mooi zeg, daar kom je vast wel bij tot rust als je daar zit.
    Ben blij dat het zo lekker gaat daar.

    Mis je wel, maar je blog maakt veel goed =)
    XXX en een stevige knuffel,

    • alastor993 says:

      He lieverd!
      Ik mis jou ook hoor! Het park was echt heel mooi, maar veel was nog niet in bloei, dus over een paar weken ga ik weer.
      Toen ik daar was merkte ik hoe erg ik de rust van de zee mis en hoe lawaaierig het hier is!
      Ben blij dat je m’n blog graag leest!
      Dikke kus en beren knuffel!!!


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