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Hansel & Gretel and why they got what they deserved

Dailypost came up with the following challenge a couple of weeks ago: “Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction”. First I wanted to change A Christmas Carol by Dickens, but after changing the last chapter I came … Continue reading

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Grade 6 imagination, part 3

Sarah’s Monday By Cindy It’s a typical Monday morning, school time! And like any normal school day, Sarah was unwelcome in school. She – as normally- got locked up in the empty room that she always gets locked up in. … Continue reading

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The great bike adventure, in loving memory of the late metal flower horse

25th may One day in the month of may a little girls bike went away. She looked but couldn’t find, she nearly lost her mind! Of course, she really missed her metal flower horse. She was in total panic and … Continue reading

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