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Seven flipflops made in China

As I was scouring Taobao for flip flops the other day. Taobao is basically a Chinese Amazon, but here you can get anything and everything, really everything! Including some of the strangest flip-flops I have ever laid my eyes on. … Continue reading

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Lost in translation, part three

Some more great public notices! These I all found in a touristic watertown of which I don’t remember the name… Enjoy!  

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The Mixture of Languages (re-post)

This is a post by my fellow blogger Greekfellows! Find his blog here At the supermarket that lies underneath our apartment building I discovered this rather interesting book called CHINGLISH. Through my perfect language-guessing skill I understood this is the … Continue reading

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Lost in translation, part two (Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken)

Public notices keep surprising me. Enjoy!

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I like!

wó xĭ huàn pí jiŭ wó xĭ huàn pú táo wó xĭ huàn mĭ fàn wó xĭ huàn dù shū wó xĭ huàn huà tú wó xĭ huàn zhè gè! wó xĭ huàn nĭ! Wó bū xĭ huàn xing qi … Continue reading

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