A bucket list (for those of you who don’t know) is a list of things you want to do/experience before you die. The term is derived from  the phrase “kicking the bucket”, meaning to die, which made me wonder why on Earth I would kick a bucket while dying (I can think of better things to do, like come up with the best last words ever).
After seeing some lists of others, I decided to make my own and while I was working on it I realised it is quite a hefty list! I also realised that even if I don’t get around to doing anything on this list I will still be able to have some pretty cool last words and will die a happy person!

Countries and what to do there:
(bold printed countries is where I want to live for at least a year and would make a great home-base from which to travel to the non-bold printed countries)

  • China, Shanghai (as good a place to start as any, but better! Currently living there)
    Dragon boat racing
    Learn Chinese painting (working on that now)
    Learn to paint Chinese calligraphy (working on that now)
    Visit the great wall (I know I’ve been here for seven months already, but I haven’t been to Beijing yet….)
    See the Terra Cotta Army
    Tibet (I want to spin a prayer wheel!)
    Vietnam (I want to see the country I wrote my highschool exam paper on)
  • Japan (I want to eat sushi, all day every day!)
    Learn Japanese (conversational level)
    Mongolia (because Paul and Nadine went to ride through the country on horseback and I’m jealous)
  • Italy (I’ve already been there, but I want to live there)
    Learn Italian (conversational level)
    Scotland (Kilts!)
  • Germany, Berlin
    Learn German (conversational level)
  • America (New York) (for the art, Guggenheim Museum, doesn’t everyone go to New York to become someone? Let’s become someone!)
    Some American nowhere place (so we can cruise around on our motorbikes, for which we’ll have to learn how to ride them)
    Mardi Gras, New Orleans
    Paticipate in Burning Man, Nevada
    Greenland or Lapland (just sounds really cool)
    Mexico (I want to see where Frida Kahlo lived)
    Day of the dead
    Visit Chichen Itza

Cool things to see:

  • The fjords of Norway
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Petra, Jordan
  • Taj Mahal, India
  • Northern Lights

Other random stuff:

  • learn how to drive and then paint my first car
  • learn how to drive a motorcycle (working on that now… scared shitlesssss!)
  • Do the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostella
  • Get my master in Art
  • Finally start exhibiting my work ( and make some money with it)

5 Responses to Bucket

  1. Josette says:

    I love this! Great idea. I need to get one started. And thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m an English teacher and have been doing it for 6 years now. You might enjoy my blog about my teaching experiences http://www.throwingbacktokens.com. Happy teaching and good luck with the list!

    • alastor993 says:

      I will drop by!
      Teaching abroad is a great way to travel and experience different cultures. Next year I won’t be teaching English anymore, only Art (which is my subject). I’ve been teaching for some 6 years now aswell, but this was my first year in a foreign country, and I have to say it’s great!

  2. Josette says:

    Great thanks! Will you be teaching art in China as well, or are you moving on? My husband is a potter, so I have a great fondness for artists. Nice to meet you!

    • alastor993 says:

      Nice to meet you too! I’ll be staying in Shanghai for a few more years and then hopefully move on to Japan, where are you?
      I love working with clay and I’ve always wanted to learn to really make pottery, now I’m stuck with making monsters and things like that with students (also fun)

  3. Josette says:

    I’m not that far 🙂 South Korea. This is where I was inspired for the photo challenge. Maybe we’ll bump into each other someday. Check out my husband’s blog http://theshedpottery.wordpress.com/ Good luck with the monsters!

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