Grade 6 imagination, part 3

Sarah’s Monday
By Cindy

It’s a typical Monday morning, school time! And like any normal school day, Sarah was unwelcome in school. She – as normally- got locked up in the empty room that she always gets locked up in. Believe it, you don’t want to know how she gets locked up and who does it [the locking up]. Believe me. Because she gets locked up everyday in the same room, shes pretty familiar with the room.
But today, something is different.
In the dark corner of the room, there stands a beautiful girl. She wears a pretty, long dress and looks like a fairy. ” Who are you! You look so pretty,” the girl said. ” I’m a fairy. I can take you to any place you want.” Sarah doesn’t believe it and said: ” Are you kidding?”
“No, please believe me. Where do you want to go?”
“Uh, lets see… I want to go to the future!”

When she opened her eyes she was at a very dark place. “A dark city,” the notice on the wall beside the bus stop said. She thought that was the name of the city. So she went on.
When she was in front of a huge building, two men came [up] to her.
They spoke to her: ” What are you?” ” I’m uhm, … Human!” she answered. They spoke like robots. Then they grabbed her by her arm suddenly. She screamed “What the heck!”
She tried to get away, but they seemed to have so much strength.
The more she struggled, the harder they grabbed [her arm].
They took her into a thing that looked like a spaceship. And it flew through the air.

Finally they arrived at a building. They took her into a room and said something to the man that seemed to be a very important, powerful person. And the man seemed surprised. He stood up, walked around the girl.
Finally he stopped and asked her: “So you’re what you say, a human!”
“Yeah” she replied.
“Wow!” the man said. After a few seconds he spoke again:” Welcome to our city. You are the first human survivor we found since the attack by the ET”
“What? What ET? What attack?” she asked. “I don’t remember it?”
“Well, I think you should eat some food before I tell you everything”. He smiled evilly.
She had the feeling that he was evil, well at least not good.
However, she was so hungry she went crazy when she saw the food on the table.
She ate so fast, she didn’t even taste the food. Then she suddenly felt drowsy…

She woke up and saw the fairy.
She looked around, she was still in the room. She heard a knock on the door.
The fairy said:”Sorry, I have to go, bye! See you next time. Well, I hope so!” then she disappeared.


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    Dark and gloomey })

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