Angry talking toilet – Another fantastic animal

Here is another fantastic “animal” one of my students made and what he wrote about it:

Angry talking toilet destroying America

“In the year 2012, an evil scientist named Jacky who lived in New York City, created a monster with 200 toilets for taking over the world. At twenty past twelve a storm came to New York City.
Lightning hit the toilet monster and at that moment it opened it’s eyes. The next morning, as usual, Jackie came to the lab to check the robot, because it was finished, so he wanted to take a photo with it. But that moment, the monster ate him and started his ‘adventure’.
It destroyed America and when the Americans fought it they used a nuclear weapon, but it still destroyed it [America]. It destroyed the whole world in 23 hours and 59 minutes.
Except Tibet, there was the building of Noah’s Ark for the end of the world.
The waves came and smashed it [the monster] into tiny pieces.
When the water left, everyone left alive was cheering for the monster is dead.
But they didn’t notice the tiny bits of the monster where gathering together, they also didn’t notice that the monster wouldn’t die and will start it’s revenge…..

I guess he saw the movie 2012, but where did the Angry Talking Toilet come from???
Let me remind all you guys out there, that this student is Chinese.


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2 Responses to Angry talking toilet – Another fantastic animal

  1. cary, your mother says:

    In dit kleine chinese hoofd zit het vast vol fantastische verhalen inclusief beeldmateriaal. En jij liza weet ze eruit te halen. S.O.S is ook vindingrijk ….. misschien bedoelt als waarschuwing voor de wereld. Het wemelt er van de monsters!

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