Seven flipflops made in China

As I was scouring Taobao for flip flops the other day. Taobao is basically a Chinese Amazon, but here you can get anything and everything, really everything! Including some of the strangest flip-flops I have ever laid my eyes on.

Check it,
On # 1 is the leave slipper:
 A dignified runner-up: the watermelon flop
 On third place, going for bronze, the flips for squardy feet
#4, the ever popular balloon slippers
Cute bows on fifth place
 Angry birds on your feet as #6
And last, but not least, light blue plastic hearts on seventh place
I secretly wish I could get away with some of these….

Despite the enormous amount of fantastic slippers, flip flops and sandals I have, till now, not been able to find some for me… mostly because my feet are giant size compared to Chinese feet standards. The search continues!


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2 Responses to Seven flipflops made in China

  1. Meandola says:

    It’s a leaf, not a leave. Just saying :3 Also #6 is the clear winner

    • alastor993 says:

      whaha no! cuz their for leaving hihi… okay stupid joke and stupid mistake… And yea angry birds….je wordt ermee doodgegooid whaha

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