Quote of the week #4

“If you ignore him, you’ll have a great conversation.”


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artist, Art teacher Interests: Drawing, Painting, Experimental film making, writing, philosophy, motorbikes, sleeping!
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4 Responses to Quote of the week #4

  1. cary, your mother says:

    I like that one!!!

  2. Meandola says:

    A bit of a long one, got it from a forum I visit, made me laugh.

    “I know how big a facepalm I need for that post – if all of the animebytes members had like 12 hands on each finger and facepalmed me simultaneously it wouldn’t be enough – I’d need to clone every living being in the universe, surgically graph hands onto every possible place on their bodies, and then have them all facepalm my face at the same time. Then we’re getting close.”

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