The Mixture of Languages (re-post)

This is a post by my fellow blogger Greekfellows! Find his blog here

At the supermarket that lies underneath our apartment building I discovered this rather interesting book called CHINGLISH. Through my perfect language-guessing skill I understood this is the mixture of CHINese and enGLISH, which I guess is something like misunderstanding the Chinese meaning because of strange English translation. To give you the big idea, here’s one:

Ants climbing up a tree

What do you think this is? A sculpture? A book title? A photography? Believe it or not, it is actually a Chinese dish, something like fried beans and chilies. The translation is just made by splitting every Chinese word and translating them one-by-one, and joining them together. This makes bad impression for Western tourists, but it sometimes turns out to be ACTUALLY FUN.
Let’s give you some examples.

Please do not use lightnings to shoot pictures
Actual meaning: Please do not use flash mode for shooting pictures

The flowers are sleeping, please leave feelings under feet
Actual meaning: Please do not stomp on flowers

If the card is swallowed then please connect the bank worker members
Actual meaning: If the card is removed then please tell the bank clerks (ATM)

Smothered with Drunken chicken
Actual meaning: Liquors-soaked chicken

Fun? Try to discover some by yourselves!


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