List # 4

Most important books I’ve read: Top 5

1) Lady of the Light – Donna Gillespie
This is my #1 because it was the first book I read on my own and that I actually completed! I was sixteen years old and hated reading! Now, thirteen years later I’m reading it again for the sixth time and I’m still (or again) loving it.

2) The death of Ivan Ilych – Leo Tolstoj
I had to read Russian literature for school and this book amazed me. It made me cry, almost hysterically, both times I read it.

3) The life of Pi – Yann Matel
This book pulled me through a very rough time and gave my situation some perspective.

4) 1984 and Animal Farm – George Orwell
A shared fourth place, because I can’t choose. Both great, captivating and frightening books that are still relevant today! All I could think of while reading was “how did he know??!”

5) One hundred years of solitude – Gabriel Marquez
Simply beautiful, tragically beautiful!


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One Response to List # 4

  1. cary, your mother says:

    Try also Marquez “liefde in tijden van cholera” (‘t staat tussen al je andere boeken) en ook “De pest” van Albert Camus is een diepganger, net als de klassieker “Misdaad en straf” Dostojevski.

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