Expectations and prejudices

Before I left cozy little Nederland, I had a certain image of China and how it would be to live there, especially about the Chinese people.
These are the big SEVEN expectations and prejudices I had about China before living there and that I can clearly remember (it’s amazing how fast you get used to things and places).

1. All Chinese people are very, VERY short and roam around in enormous crowds
they’re actually not that short, some of the students at my school are taller than me! (1,74 m)
2. All Chinese people are very good at math
Simply not true and of course a ridiculous prejudice to begin with
3. All Chinese people are called “wang”, “chang” or something like that
That would’ve been too simple and not fitting with their language. Thankfully many Chinese have an “English name”.
4. All Chinese people do some sort of shaolin-karate-kungfu-stuff
Are all Dutch people good at ice skating? I’m not!
5. All Chinese people dress up as dragons and make lanterns with Chinese New Year
This one disappointed me, didn’t see a dragon anywhere, but maybe I was looking in the wrong “anywheres”
6. All Chinese people eat dogs, cats and rats
While the Chinese people we asked have in fact eaten a dog, it is not as wide spread as I thought. Most don’t like eating Lassy even though it is said to warm you during winter and quite tasteful. I have to add that there are a lot of dogs around who are being spoiled and dressed like babys by their owners.
7. All Chinese students are very submissive and love to learn
It’s universal, some students just don’t give a **** and some do, some like to learn and some don’t. Most students (regardless where they’re from) do like to talk when the teacher talks, the difference is they don’t seem to notice me getting angry!


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