Cold and brain snakes

Since I can’t come up with new post, I thought it might be a good idea to sometimes post my daily pages. I try to write something every day about anything, like a diary but with out all the “mooshmoosh”, some pages are filled with complaints about this and that, some are semi philosophical rampages and others just a record of some event or image spotted on the way to work.

Daily page 06/01/11
I can’t take this cold anymore. It has been two months since the winter brought freezing winds and a month since the last warm day. The cold seems to have taken permanent residence in my bones and the boiling hot summer has been completely erased from my memory.

Further more I’ve lain awake half the night, not only due to Boyfriend’s sleep-walking (what a pain!), but also – mostly – because of an incredible headache that made it almost impossible to relax. It felt like  a snake was inside my skull, strangling my brain.
I think I eventually fell asleep for about an hour untill my alarm clock rudely awoke me and the pain took over my senses full force.
It took four aspirin (or something alike) this morning to get me in a semi functional state.
These headaches keep returning, reeking havoc on my overall state of being for some days on end, disappearing again sometimes for as long as a few months.
These headaches started when I was about twenty years old and after suffering from them for six months on end I finally decided it might be time to see the doctor, who – after prescribing painkillers which in fact killed nothing but my motor skills – sent me to a neurologist. This man in turn had – after months of tests and diets – nothing to say but that it was probably just a life fase and I would most probably “grow out of it” soon enough.
Nine years later and – although less frequent – I still suffer from paralyzing headache… Snakes strangling and bees eating my brain.


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artist, Art teacher Interests: Drawing, Painting, Experimental film making, writing, philosophy, motorbikes, sleeping!
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7 Responses to Cold and brain snakes

  1. Lisa/Felice says:

    Wishing you strenght to overcome these snakes. And oh dear, oh dear, cold is awful. Today we are getting according to the news a spring day, but during the coming week it is again starting to freeze during nights.
    Do you have proper heating in your appartment ? Also the best with the cold. Our short memory is always quick in forgetting passed seasons. Good luck Lisa, and take proper pain killers for your headache !
    I like the drawing very much, you are showing at this part.
    I’m longing for spring and summer too.
    Good luck ! Lisa.

  2. Lisa/Felice says:

    Sorry Liza, I ment you of course in my mailing. Normally these killing headaches are kind of stress. Not in the conscience, but in the subconscience. Nine years seem a long time, but are not as a matter of fact. I suppose that you will overcome these awful snakes !
    Oh, and Dasha and I are again at speaking terms, so is becoming all right again. Again good luck with everything and lots of nice warmth in your house overthere.
    Bye, Lisa.

    • alastor993 says:

      Thanks, Lisa! Very good to hear that you and Dasha are talking again, you can’t choose your family so…
      The cold here is aweful, but in the last few days it’s been a bit better (which does not mean spring is coming, just that we’re lucky!). I’m going shopping for an extra heater because I only have a heater in my bedroom, and I can’t stand “living” there any longer! Also Joris will be coming next month and as a good sister I surely can’t let him freeze to death!

  3. Lisa/Felice says:

    Wouldn’t that be peaceful, or is he really a nice guy ? Joke.
    Djee, take care of proper heating everywhere in your appartment. Over here it is soft wheather, I mean not freezingly cold anymore, but dull and grey and now and then kind of little bit wet. When you are staying to long outside you get chilled totally into your bones.
    I’m very glad with the electric heater, with flames, which is capable of heating my total home. It is a lot more agreeable than the central heating of the court where I’m living and I suppose it won’t be a lot more expensive. It is not such a dry warmth and looking nice. Yeah, I’m also glad I’m again at speaking terms with my daughter. Are you still enjoying working far away in Shanghai, or are you longing for us all already and for Holland ? And how is your friend doning ? Hope everything will be as agreeable as possible and that you don’t have too much snakes in your head anymore. Wishing you the best, love, Lisa.

  4. cary, your mother says:

    Lieve meisje Liza, ik vind het erg verdrietig te lezen dat je nog steeds aan deze hoofdpijn lijdt. Nee, de kou dat hier ook geen goed aan doen. Van kou verkrampen de spieren; zeker nek- en schouderspieren. Ik zal bij Corrie informeren of zij hier iets beters voor heeft dan alleen aspirines. Een mosterd-voetenbad is in ieder geval een antroposofisch gezichtspunt in deze. Het leidt de pijn naar beneden. Laat mij weten of mosterdzaad (poeder) te koop is bij jou. Ook denk ik nu aan bijvoorbeeld acupuntuur, daar waar de chinezen zo goed in zijn. Maar lieve lies, probeer zo weinig mogelijk cola meer te drinken. Veel water; word je ook mooi van, nog mooier!
    Dikke kus op jouw lieve hoofdje.

    • alastor993 says:

      Hi mam! Bedankt! Ik zal op zoek gaan naar mosterdzaad, zou moeten lukken als ik t in het woordenboek kan vinden! En ik drink veel minder cola dan thuis, veel thee (het schijnt dat je daar ook mooi van wordt) en ik ga regelmatig voor een massage (wordt je vast ook mooi van).
      Ik mail je snel! xxx

      • cary, your mother says:

        Liza, ik zal ook aan majorie vragen hoe een mosterd voetenbad precies in zijn werk gaat. Denk je dat ik mosterdzaad aan joris kan meegeven? Of denken ze dan bij de douane dat dit een nieuw soort snuifje is? Ik wil hem namelijk niet in problemen brengen. Graag jouw advies.

        Fijn dat je mooimaak thee drinkt! De chinezen hebben vast ook kruiden om te drinken bij migraine-achtige hoofdpijnen.
        (Zijn meestal vreselijk vies).
        Misschien kun je een goede, let wel: geregistreerde arts aldaar raadplegen. Niet als je hoofdpijn hebt natuurlijk, want dan kun je, zoals jouw tekening laat zien, niks. En verder: ben trots op je. X

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