Flu or Cold… Either way I feel horrible!

I have a cold or the flu, I’m not really sure (it’s not bad enough for the flu and it’s too bad for a cold). What I do know is that I feel horrible… That actually doesn’t cover how I feel, I feel yuk, ughhh, meh, pfff! I’m using onomatopoeias because no adjective ever uttered can describe how I feel at the moment.
You would think I’m writing this while lying in bed, but no…. I’m at work. Even when I feel like crawling to a dark corner and shoot myself I’m still at work, doing actual work… and writing for my blog.


  • Coughing, sneezing and having a hard time breathing: this is immediately the worst of my list since it’s getting in the way of my nicotine addiction.
  • Fatigue: seriously, how much can a person sleep and still be tired?
  • Running nose and watering eyes: I feel like I’m turning into a slush or a very slimy slug or what ever!
  • Muscle pain: as if I’ve been working out in the gym. I haven’t done any extensive exercise in years!
  • Headache: now this is something I often have, so even though it feels like my head is filled with cotton cloth which gave birth to brain eating bees, it’s not so bad. Except that everything seems to be so very very loud!
  • Chills and cold: I’m so freaking cold! And I don’t warm up, it’s like the cold is now part of me.
  • Temperature: it’s not really a fever, but it’s just enough to ever so slightly change reality. Things seem to be farther away than they actually are and at the same time bigger with out being bigger. It’s a really strange experience which is disturbing and pleasurable all in one.
  • General discomfort: I’m not feeling happy or comfortable in any way, not even the slightest…

And all of this is still not enough for me to stay home… what is wrong with me!?

Ps. I know this is not an adventure, but I don’t know where else to post it…


About alastor993

artist, Art teacher Interests: Drawing, Painting, Experimental film making, writing, philosophy, motorbikes, sleeping!
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5 Responses to Flu or Cold… Either way I feel horrible!

  1. Dasha says:

    Schat, klinkt toch echt als dikke, vette griep.
    Zou je niet even langs een dokter gaan?
    Straks krijg je nog bronchitis.
    Warme knuffel en wordt snel weer beter, oké?
    XXX 😉

    • alastor993 says:

      Tnx Das! Ik voel me alweer wat beter hoor, ben wat dramatisch als ik ziek ben (schaamschaam) haha
      Knuffel! KUS!

  2. cary, your mother says:

    Lief ziek dapper dochtertje. Je weet: na regen komt zonneschijn. En na ziek zijn komt niet-ziek zijn. Up and down, down and up. (Ik overtref mijzelf in wijsheid nu).
    Maar echt het moederhart spreekt: ik wou dat ik het had en jij niet.
    Dikke kus …… op afstand.

    • alastor993 says:

      Ja, heel wijs mam hihi!
      Ik voel me alweer n stuk beter, ik moest t gewoon even kwijt! Veel water, groente en fruit en slaap….
      Dikke KUS!

  3. Felice says:

    Hi Liza, Glad that you recovered a bit allready. I myself just discovered that it is not the amount of hours you sleep, but how deep your sleeping is. Nowadays I normally sleep six hours very deep and then rising is very nice and I’m feeling quite rested afterwards. When I sleep more, normally I’m having bothering memories during my sleep, which I don’t like too much and it’s taking me longer to feel really fully awake again.
    How is the climate in Shanghai at the moment ? Are you having over there also a bit winter allready or don’t they have a real winter overthere? Here it is really cold. Allready starting to little bit frosty temperatures. I just moved my bed to my living room, so that I can keep the door above of my bedroom closed. I don’t want to use the central heating over here anymore, because is rather expensive. Now I’m trying to survive on just one electric heating and like this it is going to work out.

    Furthermore allready a very happy birthday tomorrow and I do hope you will be totally feeling better then ! Have a nice birthday ! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

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