Hell on Earth

I believe there are places here on earth that are manifestations of Hell!
All though I’m not religious and therefore do not believe in God or Heaven in a traditional way, I most definitely believe in Hell and just as Catholics believe it is a real place on/in earth so do I. The difference is that where religious people believe you go there after death to be punished for eternity, I believe mankind created it and people go there of their own free will.

Here are some of these places and why I think they are run by Satan (or alike):

The MediaMarkt (a big ass franchise that sells electronics) is definitely Hell on earth: it is crowded and it is very noisy (with music that no living being is able to appreciate or endure for a longer period of time). But the worst is that there is never a shop assistant to assist you when you actually need assistance and when you finally do find one, he/she is not at all able to assist you because they have absolutely no “know-how” about the product he/she should be assisting you in buying.
All this makes it Hell: painful, torture and very depressing.

Fast food joints such as MacDonald and KFC are part of Hell because the inventors and designers of these places are evil manipulators and because giving in to the urge to eat something there is one of the seven deadly sins; gluttony. The food is not at all great and because of the high levels of fat, sugar, and salt in the “food” it makes you want more, plus – even if you eat enormous amounts – after half an hour you’re hungry again.
The interior of these places is designed to make you feel hungry but at the same time make you feel you have to leave as soon as possible. The colour red makes you want to eat, yellow makes you feel you’re in a hurry, the seats are uncomfortable and the tables just a little to small to be any kind of practical; this (among other things like the Happy Meal and overall low prices) makes the success formula of a Fast foot joint.

Public transportation is like Limbo, it is never comfortable, always too crowded and (at least in Nederland) never on time. Maybe it’s worse than Limbo, because after Limbo you’re supposed to be cleansed, after using any type of public transportation I feel dirtier than ever! At least it is temporary and better for the environment than taking the car.

The FakeMarket (in Shanghai) is located in a big four storey building. The market itself is set up as an actual market, with small permanent shops selling clothes, bags and trinkets. Everything is to bargain for and the trick is to walk away so the shopkeepers will call you back and offer a lower price. Going to the FakeMarket is fun in a masochistic way, since you might actually get a good deal after hard work. The thing that makes it horrible is all the shopkeepers and other people connected with the shops shout, call and beckon you all with the promise of great deals especially in things you don’t need. When you say you already have a watch/bag/wallet, they will say you need another one, more so; you need a fake Channel watch/bag/wallet!
After half an hour you’re exhausted and all you can think of is getting a machine gun so you can blow them and their watches/bags/wallets to smithereens!
The FakeMarket makes you greedy and aggressive… Not a good combination.

Extra large supermarkets might seem as convenient because it has everything (and when I say everything I mean Everything!) but they are hideous, torturous and ridiculous. Why would a supermarket sell bikes and TV’s for crying out loud!? These big supermarket chains kill small enterprises that ensure quality and personal assistance. Plus, they are not convenient because a walk through them alone will take you an hour. I rather go to the grocery store and then to the butcher while taking the tedious chit-chat about the weather for granted. But then again, where do you still find these little shops?

I’m convinced that it is all part of an elaborate conspiracy! Seriously people, why do these places exist? We don’t need a MediaMarkt to screw with our heads, we can order our computer or washing machine online and it will probably be cheaper or from a small business where the people actually know what they’re talking about! We shouldn’t eat at the MacDonald anyway and everything in the Fakemarket is of shit quality! The only thing that is at least positive is Public transportation (it saves energy etc.), so we’ll keep that… But the rest, fuck it!

With all we consume in the “developed” world we could put an end to poverty and hunger worldwide.
Where I perceive the MacDonald and MediaMarkt to be Hell, there are millions of people for whom it would be truly heaven to step foot in these halls of consumer corporations and Buy, Shop till you drop and Eat until your liver is shot.
Tons of food and water are waisted and we all think it is normal. Overproduction and overconsumption are the standard, and we’re all supposed to donate money to save poor and starving people in Africa? Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?! What if we would produce a little less and invest in developing countries?
I wonder why our society is based on the desire to purchase and use up products in ever greater amounts. The need to consume seems so very strong, what are we trying to dull and silence?

“Our enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction and our ego satisfaction in consumption. We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced and discarded at an ever-increasing rate” Victor Lebow, 1955.

So when I speak of Hell, whether it is agony during shopping or one of hunger, it is a man-made and man-kept Hell and we’re all willing participants.


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artist, Art teacher Interests: Drawing, Painting, Experimental film making, writing, philosophy, motorbikes, sleeping!
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3 Responses to Hell on Earth

  1. cary, your mother says:

    Wat nou hel? De klant is Koning. And therefor: Thy is the Kingdom (lees Mediamarkt).

  2. Felice says:

    You’re quite right ! I totally agree. But one thing is not quite correct. Here in The Hague now and then I’ll find an assistant in Media Market who really does have some know-how. I just bought over there tree boxes wisth dvd’s about Maigret. The offer 540 minutes a box amusement. So I was looking at the first one and was thinking, jee, it is like a film noir. Hope that the rest is bit nicer. Gave me almost a foul mood.
    Yeah Liza, we are rather stupid now and then. Hope you’re still enjoying life at Shanghai. Love, Felice / Lisa. I changed my name, because I like short names better and everyone in Greece calls me like that, which I like.

    • alastor993 says:

      It’s true that every now and then you encounter a media markt assistant that actually knows something but they are a rare species!
      Here everything is fine, bit bored at work but I’m looking forward to some great oppertunities next year, and living here is good (food, massages and overall cheapness!)
      How are you? I like the name Lisa of course, so great!

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