List #2 – Five easy steps to gain control of the world

In List #1 one of the points was to be Empress of the World/Universe/Multiverse. Here is a list of how we would gain World Power (you have to start somewhere).

  1. We (that’s me and Andy) devote our lives to devising a method of brainwashing. We will use this to brainwash our children (we will have many) and two will be chosen as the leaders. All children will be instructed to find a mate at the age of 15 in Ireland or Nederland and have ten children who they will brainwash. (After seven generations there will be one million of us, not counting parent, grandparent etc.)
  2. We will set up a base camp/training camp in China, it’s easy to go unnoticed and it’s cheaper. Here we will train our children.
  3. The children will go into politics and so take over Ireland and Nederland. They will also infiltrate big corporations all over the world and eventually take them over. Having control of the corporations will insure money coming into our community and give us control over the politics in countries all over the world (corporations control politics for those of you who haven’t noticed). Meanwhile Ireland and Nederland will help each other and stand strong together.
  4. Eventually we will create our own corporation and take over all the other corporations. We will be called The Corporation.
  5. When this has all come to pass we will be reincarnated in two of our own and control the world, in secret with out it being a secret at all.
    Books will be written about us with titles like “the Big Corporation Conspiracy”. People well speculate about our intentions and identity, but will be unable to know with absolute certainty anything about us. Also, most of the rumours going around about us we helped to create, like that we are aliens come to conduct experiments on the unsuspecting people of Earth.

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One Response to List #2 – Five easy steps to gain control of the world

  1. cary, your mother says:

    Oke, now I understand your wish to have a big big familie. And … I agree. Because one day the world will know that you are me daughter. You see my thinking is still small! That’s why Chuang Tze once concluded: you can’t speak about the ocean with a frogg living ditch!

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