I have much more to write but I’ve been busy drawing…

Mission: find the rumoured Dutch bar – failed
10 October
Since I’ve been a bit down the last couple of days due to incredible boredom, I decided to go out and find the Dutch bar that was supposed to be near the Jia’an Temple. First I set out to get some shoes, but that still proves difficult with my big feet! I found some nice heels in a Marks & Spencers but they were a bit expensive (I know I can get shoes for way less than 500 yuen!). I did score some shirts (two for 40 yuen!), but no shoes.

I’m still not used to the immensity of Shanghai and I ended up walking for two hours and finally taking a subway to get myself to Jia’an Temple… By that time I was exhausted and didn’t bother to look any further for the bar. Yes, I gave up!
I went home and treated myself on a Pizza Hut pizza (and ate it all by myself haha burb…).

The Expo (finally!)
Monday 11 October
Today (Monday) all the students of the North Campus had a school trip to the World Expo, so I decided to try to join them after my one class. I was afraid it would be very busy, but it was still early and a Monday so there weren’t very big crowds.

I like my students so much! Look what they made me at the end of yesterdays English class (they made more, but I forgot my camera, so no pictures):


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