Immigration office and what we know about Fengjing

On Friday I normally don’t have lessons, but on Thursday I agreed to take on the extra-curricular art class.
As I was preparing for the lesson on Friday, I got a call from Osmond saying that I had to do my work visa today, better yet, now.
I got Micheal to cover my lesson and hurried home to pick up the necessary papers, after which I hurried to the south campus to get picked up. A black car approached, I got in and to my unpleasant surprise the other passenger was a very loud Canadian women. I mean really loud, I’m loud, she was criminally so, chatting away and shouting the few Chinese words she knew to the driver. It turned out to be the longest drive ever.
At arriving near the immigration office the visa agent was waiting for us and when Iopened my folder I noticed I had the wrong paper with me! At that moment all I wanted was to crawl into a dark corner and quietly but thoroughly break down and kill myself; the torturous drive had been for nothing plus my tourist visa would expire the next day.
Thankfully I was allowed to come back on Sunday. I can’t imagine that ever being able in Nederland, it’s like the guy had something like “yeah I understand, happened to me too once”.
After the loud woman had filled in her forms for her visa we travelled back together with the metro. She was a nice person but her being so loud I dreaded every moment I was within her earshot, I lost her somewhere at People’s Square…
At my station I met up with Andy who was already waiting for me.

That evening we decided to go out, Andy had heard of a club called Shelter which was supposedly very underground and cool. I was looking forward to a night of dancing and drunkenness. It took us a while to find it and when we did we found out that unfortunately the club was underground but that referred to the location rather than the ambience. We did get a bit drunk thought but this resulted in an argument even though we weren’t able to adequately articulate our thoughts.
Disappointed and tired we returned home.

On Saturday we hung around the house and only went out for a foot massage and a shave for Andy.
The massage was lovely, but again at times very painful. Some of the pressure points gave me goosebumps, others hurts and some made me laugh uncontrollably, the masseuse didn’t know what to make of me… I had a great time though!
In the evening I dropped Andy off at the station and I went home to listen to “The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”, much to my enjoyment.

The next morning I woke up a bit later than usual and got ready to go to theimmigration office, triple checking if I had all my papers and if it were the correct ones. An hour with the subway, five minutes in the office and an hour back to school and it was done.
I had to work today, thankfully only two lessons, to catch up for the three days off this week. Next weekend I have to work the whole weekend. Nothing for free, especially not the holidays. The three days off are in celebration of the birth of China and Andy and I are going on a trip to Fengjing, supposedly a lovely town.
Here’s what we know about Fengjing:

  1. it’s supposed to be a lovely town
  2. the culinary speciality of the town is little rice balls in big leafs
  3. it’s the home town of one of Andy’s colleagues
  4. it’s in China and we have to take a bus to get there…

Not much, I know, but hey you can’t know everything and after our trip I can tell you all about Fengjing (even if I have to steal it from Wikipedia).


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