Ughh what do I do with this kid?!

Note: I wasn’t sure if I should post this…

Okay, as I’ve been teaching for more than four and a half years I know I shouldn’t get angry or frustrated by a student. Mostly the bad behaviour that a kid displays has one of the following causes:

  1. the student behaves the way he/she does because of something outside of school (family, friends, insecurity etc.),
  2. the student behaves the way he/she does because the lesson is not challenging enough, causing boredom, or too challenging, causing the student to give up and then be bored,
  3. the behaviour of the student is directly linked to the teacher (in other words the teacher is doing something horribly wrong), this is often the case if it is the whole class or the majority of the class

Usually I’m attentive enough to figure out the cause for the little brad’s misbehaviour, but in this case I’m drawing a blanc.
First off because I didn’t expect a Chinese student to behave like this particular student does having seen how all the others (= the ones I teach) behave.
Up till now I have found the Chinese students to be attentive, enthusiastic, well behaved, respectful and eager to learn (even when they don’t particularly like the subject). Although they very much like to chat with one another (very loudly), once the teacher makes clear play time is over and it’s time to get serious they should get an award or something!
And second because I’ve tried and tried and failed without exception. I have tried to reward good behaviour, I’ve tried to make him enthusiastic about the subject, I’ve tried to talk with this child of the corn, I even tried to strike a deal, but none of this worked, he hardly even reacts to his name! Then, today, I tried to play hard ball, threatening with the class-teacher and punishment, but I fear it will have no effect. It makes me feel very frustrated and as if I’ve taken a huge leap back into my very first days of teaching (Dutch kids I might add).
The only reason for existence of this little spawn of hell seems to be making my three hours a week with him a torment that makes me want to claw out my eyes with frustration…
Thank god every lesson is a new chance! Tips anyone? Feel free to leave them here (because I’m seriously starting to doubt myself as a teacher)!


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4 Responses to Ughh what do I do with this kid?!

  1. Joris Roos says:

    If he’s the only student that’s acting this way in the class, and all the others behave even when he doesn’t… I’d say either don’t allow him back in class, or completely ignore him. As it seems to me he’s trying to play a game with you, see how far he can go before you really snap.
    What you’re doing isn’t working apparently, and what I conclude from this post in the blog, whatever it is he’s doing is working.
    I’m guessing you’re teaching about the same age group as you were in Holland, then he’ll react to being ignored. Maybe not at first, but eventually.
    Besides, if he does fuck all in class, his grades will be poor at best. Leave him be like this and eventually you can just get school to contact his parents about terrible grades. And hope the parents can do something about it? Or you could contact his parents now and be done with it.

    Obviously this is all speculation and I don’t know anything about this kid so I could be very wrong.


  2. alastor993 says:

    Thanks for your reply!
    You’re probably right, I know he’s trying to play a game and I haven’t tried to ignore him!
    It’s a shame I’m not allowed to deny him lessons, so that’s not really an option and calling his parents might be difficult because not all the parents speak English…
    But ignoring him is the next thing I’m going to try!
    I’ll keep you posted on how it plays out!


  3. Shoot.
    Threatening might work out pretty good.
    And a corny joke after.

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