Okay I’m just going to complain a lot in this post, because I just had it (by “it” is I mean “enough!”).
I want food, and not just any food, no I want real food! I just ate a cracker, while thinking “what can go wrong with a cracker? Crackers are cool!”, and it was very very YUK! The cracker was sushi flavour… Who thinks up these ridiculous flavours? I mean seriously, blue berry flavoured crisps? Meet flavour Pizza (what kind of flavour could that be, I wonder)?
And if things don’t have some crazy flavour, it is oily. Like dripping oil and nobody seems to have a problem with this!? And why isn’t half the country obese, in all sincereness, how do they do it? But more importantly, how do they go to the toilet? I always thoroughly enjoyed going for number two, bringing something to read, it was “me” time. Now, I hate it! I’ve been eating fruits and dried things (like sweet potatoes, yes they have that here, I know it’s weird but it tastes freaking awesome!) for a bit of fibres. You might think “why don’t you eat more bread of have some porridge?” Well, because all the bread is white and sweet = no fibres and meh! And because I haven’t found any porridge yet…
Oh yes, and when it’s not sweet it is probably spicy (read: too spicy for me).
In all fairness there are some things I really like but I forgot either the name or where I can get it, and more over I can’t eat the same thing every time I eat (keep in mind I like eating, I want to eat the whole day with only little breaks in between servings).
I really like the dumplings though, dumpling soup, fried dumplings, cooked dumplings, baked dumplings, meat dumplings, fish dumplings, vegetable dumplings… ( I sound like that guy from Forrest Gump, fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail…) and the noodles (noodle soup, noodles with meat, fish, chicken….cooked shrimp, BBQ shrimp…). But no matter how good they are, I still have the feeling it’s not enough, “when will I ever fill my tummy” I wonder?

And while I’m on a complaining roll anyway let me go on by saying that the massage I had the other day probably screwed up my back. This morning I could hardly get out of bed due to the incredible pain, let alone walk to the bathroom. I practically had to crawl!
But if I’m honest I have to admit that my back already feels a lot better now, so actually I can’t complain about that any more…
(Edit: especially since I started writing this post on Monday and it’s Thursday now, and my back doesn’t really hurt any more)

Oh! What I can say is that it is pretty stupid that I forgot my umbrella this morning since it has been raining for a week straight. What made me think today would be any different? Seriously, where in my mind does it say: “if it doesn’t rain in the morning it won’t rain the whole day even though it has been raining for a week straight, promise!”?
(Edit: again, this was Monday…)

And, while I’m still complaining, can somebody please do something about the mosquito’s?! Seriously, if ever there comes the time for New Earth and I have something to say in it’s creation, all I would say is “LEAVE OUT THE F*CKING MOSQUITO’S!!!”
I have been repeatedly attacked by these “horrible creatures without purpose” during the last couple of weeks. And seeing the huge disfiguring bumps they leave and the incredible itching sensation, made me think that these mosquito’s most be the size of Godzilla (although that made me also wonder why I hadn’t heard them, being so very big they most produce big sound as well), but they turn out to be rather small… A bit of a disappointment for some reason…

Okay, back to the food. What I’m I going to eat tonight? I have no idea, the only thing I can think of now is a peanutbutter-cheese-sambal-sandwich…. And now I’m hungry….

I’m bored off my face!

I found muesli and yoghurt! And this is what I ate last night, muesli with yoghurt… It was very nice and I ate a lot of it, but it’s just not the same as a peanutbutter-cheese-sambal-sandwich…

What I also discovered in the supermarket the other day is Lays Pringle crisps with original flavour AKA normal crisps with normal flavour! I’m very happy with this discovery and it made me feel like Columbus going like “oh yeah I’m so freaking great, I discovered America!” (even thought he thought he was in India and it was his cartographer Americo who finally figured out it wasn’t India bla bla bla, so this analogy actually doesn’t make any sense).
The downside of knowing about these crisps is that I’m starting to love them so so so very much I want them every day and now I’m afraid I’ll grow fat… I can’t even enjoy my new addiction with out feeling guilty and ugly.

I feel much better getting all this off my chest, thank you for baring with me!

I got a anti-mosquito bracelet!!!!


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7 Responses to Food-COMPLAINT

  1. Yeming says:

    Hmm, yeah… I don’t think Chinese people are happy with this blog, neither am I. HA just kidding, im gonna help you out !
    First of all the oil thing. Oils are good for you, Chinese people are not obese because of the oil they use ! The oil is unsaturated and they never use saturated fats like butter. Okay anyways, your breakfast is pretty poor i see. Try eat some BaoZhi, JiaoZhi ((yes dumplings) 包子,餃子. ) or some TangYuan 湯圓 which is pretty good and jelly and sweet ! Porridge you should make for yourself, you don;t buy that in a supermarket (like brinta) The only make Rice Porridge though ! And if you have breakfast on the streets, you should try some You Tiao’s ! But not too often, that stuff makes you fat haha. Shaobing 烧饼 is also very good, try it with Soya Milk ! And then there is some Raviolli thing called chaoshou 抄手 which you should try at the local breakfast stand.

    Well I hope this will help you out with your breakfast ! And get some anti mosquitos thingies that you need to plug in and put a little thingy in !(get it ?)


    • alastor993 says:

      Haha tnx Yeming!
      I just found the best dumpling place ever yesterday and I ate so many of them I thought I was gonna puke! And I found great porrigdge aswell, good for breakfast! The only thing that sometimes still gives me trouble is how spicy things can be, but in most restaurants they have pictograms showing just how spicy it is.
      I wrote this blog when I was quite fed up with the difficulties of living in a foreign country, I’m fine now.
      Oh! and they have the coolest thingy against mosquito’s! It’s a bracelet, makes me happy! I have a pink one now, to fit with my interior haha

      Anyway, thanks for your help! I copied the names so I can go to the little shops ans such!
      How’s Holland and are you coming with the next exchange?


    • alastor993 says:

      Oh and, my blog isn’t that negative? It isn’t meant to be. I’m just trying to put my experiences into words… The place is amazing and the people very nice….I think I mentioned this several times in my blog…. or were you refering to this post?

  2. Yeming says:

    Haha I was refering to this blog. Does the bracelet actually work ? And no, im not going with the exchange. I think the exchange is not so interesting for me 😛 I was in Shanghai last summer though !

    • alastor993 says:

      the bracelet actually does work! It has a strong smell of eucalyptus and lemon! Shame your not coming, would’ve been nice! But since you already been here, yeah I get it!

  3. you’d better get a anti-mos bracelet, necklace, bandanna, waist-belt, etc. and i’m quite sure i heard that getting fat is good and mosquitoes slips out from your skin because of juicy fat!

    • alastor993 says:

      whaha so it’s either getting fat or turn my wardrobe into anti mossi stuff!? I just came back form a week or so trip and got guerilla attacked by gazillion mossies! I think I’ve been bitten over a hundred times despite my best efforts 😦

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