How time screws with my head

My watch stopped today at a quarter past three, a fact that I managed to miss completely until I was teaching grade 7 and trying to figure out how long I had before Marseillaise would signal the end of the lesson. The clock in the classroom indicated it was 15.40 hrs., while my watch was still convinced it was 15.15 hrs. What added to my confusion was the digital time on my roster and the analogue time of my watch and the classroom clock which didn’t match up. Then, while still confused and oblivious to the fact my wrist watch had stopped, my brain decided this would be a great time to figure out what time it would be in Holland! Slowly, but very surely, I started to panic! I was trapped in some evil hellish time warp and it was probably my nemesis the cockroach paying me back for kicking him out of the house! What could I do to make it stop if it could ever end? And if it did, what time would it be?! Normally I have a Time Keeper in every class, this is a student that I appoint to warn me when it’s five minutes before “closing time”, but that I neglected to do… And I didn’t want to disturb the class who where so sweetly working very hard on their assignment.
By now all I wanted was for this torment to stop!
Then Marseillaise signalled the hour and I was liberated, no longer a prisoner of Chronos, God of Time! Thank the French for their annoying anthem…


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4 Responses to How time screws with my head

  1. astrowright says:

    Nice post. -Doesn’t the madness of it all make you want to smash every clock in the world at times and, ahem, “reset the clock”? Viva la Chronorevolution’! 😉

    • alastor993 says:

      Yes! I think time is probably one of mankinds worst inventions! Not only is time bad for my braincells and general state of mind, the fact that the rest of the world seems to think there isn’t enough time is bad for my bloodpressure and so on!
      Wouldn’t a timeless state of being be so much beter!?

  2. Sebas says:

    My dad always said, “A man with two watches never knows what time it is:)”

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