The first of a new month

Saturday I picked up Andy from the subway station, Jin Jang Yuan, about a twenty minute walk from my house. It was very strange to see him again after being apart for three months. The reunion felt a bit awkward for me but still very happy!

On Sunday Andy and I went for a city walk during which I finally found a hat. I had forgot mine at dads and I’ve been looking for one ever since. Close to where we found my hat Andy haggled for some polo and lacost shirts, we got a good price! Our walk ended at Yu Garden.
There are a lot of public bathrooms in the city and most of them are squat toilets. The toilets at Yu Garden are special because they have a countdown on LCD screen in the toilet so you can see for how long you’ve been in there (I haven’t thought up a purpose for this). Andy had to wait for a long time and noticed how the locals would go to the vacant toilet at the end and backing up immediately to wait for another toilet to free up. He thought to himself that it must be pretty gruesome in there. He took his turn in the squat toilet after a guy who had been in there for sixteen minutes (what do you do in sixteen minutes?). Having done his business he had grown quite curious about the toilet at the end, so he took a peek… It was a European toilet! Apparently they are still a novelty…
We had a lovely and massive dinner at a restaurant that served Heiniken, lukewarm but great! Most local beers hardly contain any alcohol, so even though normally I don’t appreciate Heiniken it tasted wonderful.
We took the subway to Shanghai South Railway Station and then motorbike taxi’s home. It was a great day!

Monday at work I had some meetings about Integrated English and ESL English, while Andy went off on his own, meeting locals and doing the shopping. When I got home he made dinner and we went for a walk. We had a talk outside an evening shop and watched the people walk past. After our conversation I felt better…

Yesterday was a lovely day. I went to work during which me and Osmond finally

Osmond and me

collected all the money for my four months rent. Not having thought about Andy taking the keys when he left I hadn’t taken the rest of the money with me that morning. So I made him come back so I could enter the house, but by that time it was too late to go to the agency and I didn’t go back to work (a nice short day!), instead we went into the centre to do some shopping. Since I lost all that weight none of my pants fit properly any more. Also I’m not allowed to ware my flip-flops at work, but sandals are allowed and Andy also needed clothes for work. He found a lot of things, nice shorts and pants and the biggest shoes in Shanghai, size 44 (while his size is actually 45…)! I bought a pair of paints but I couldn’t find sandals that fit me…. Size 39 is the biggest I found and they weren’t comfortable. At the end I did find shoes, very cool ones I might add, in size 40! Andy is going to pick them up today even though they are a bit expensive.
By the way, it’s not so different here for shopping: they are opening a Media Markt in the centre soon, there are Subway branches all over the place and H&M, C&A and ZARA are also in the centre.
Having come home my legs where killing me!

09.00 hrs.
It rained a lot yesterday and in the evening I received a text saying that the weather bureau had forecast a typhoon and that according to the Shanghai Education Bureau policy students won’t come to school, but that teachers still have to come to work.
So here I am again.
The weather was beautiful when I left the house, a bit windy and rainy but nothing extreme. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

13.00 hrs.
Since there are no lessons today I went to the agency with Osmond to pay my rent and get the keys. Tomorrow morning I’ll be moving in!
And now I’m just hanging around a bit in one of my two offices.
I am based at the North Campus and have two offices in the building. This is because I teach Art and English, so I have an Art office and an English office. The cool thing about the Art office is that it is hidden away in the labyrinth that is this building! So it’s like a hide out. The office I am in now (the English office) is more crowded and loud (the Art office I only share with one other teacher), but is very centrally located, which is nice because it’s easier to be in contact with my colleagues.
Yesterday the internet worked fine on my computer and today it doesn’t. I can’t figure out what it is…
Meanwhile the wind is picking up… Maybe that typhoon is coming after all!

Edit: 15.30 hrs. Still no typhoon, got internet working though! One more hour to go before I’m going home and chill (some more). See you soon everyone!


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2 Responses to The first of a new month

  1. Dasha says:

    Hey lieverd, fijn dat je gaat verhuizen naar je nieuwe appartement. Ben benieuwd naar de foto’s. En hoe cool dat je gewoon in de westerse winkels kan shoppen.
    Ook heel fijn dat je Andy eindelijk weer om je heen hebt. Nou, niet weg waaien he?

  2. alastor993 says:

    Hi Schat!
    Nou ben niet weggewaaid, die hele typhoon is met n sisser afgelopen…Beetje jammer had het graag mee gemaakt!
    Ik zal vanaaf fotos maken van mn nieuwe huisje!

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