My dear friends and family…

I don’t know where to start actually…. I wanted to write something to say goodbye (something great, memorable, poetic and beautiful), even though it won’t be a real goodbye or one that is for ever, it will only be for a year or so. We’ll try to stay in contact and with some of you that will work. But sometimes it will be difficult since some things work differently in China and I’ll probably be so overwhelmed in the beginning that it will be hard to do so.

Well, what I want to say comes down to this: I love you all and I often wonder how I will do and would’ve done in life without your support. The shoulders to cry on, the ears to whisper my wishes and scream my complaints in, the strong arms to hold me and help me move all the crap I keep collecting from house to house, the faces that smile at my stupid jokes and complement me just when I need it most.
What will I do without you guys? I don’t know yet but we’re bound to find out!

So, even though my little speech wasn’t great, memorable, poetic or beautiful, I hope that you know you will be in my heart and mind.

Big kisses! (only one per person for I fear I’ll run out, haha… so don’t be greedy!)

My friends


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3 Responses to My dear friends and family…

  1. Mike says:

    Dear Liza,

    By the time you read this comment you’ll be save and sound sitting on a terrace in the beautiful city of Shanghai enjoying one of the free wifi hotspots and already finishing you’re second pack of cigarettes to gain your nicotine loss.
    It’ll probably be raining now but not to worry, for the next days you’ll be sweating but enjoying because for the next few days there is a sunny forecast with an even 33 degrees.
    You’ll will have a hard time to decide how to make you’re new-found-place-to-call-home really yours. But i have great confidence you’ll be collecting enough shit to put in and making it your place in now time.
    Also you’ll be finding yourself in the surroundings of new and interesting people in no time, i’m sure.
    How exiting it must be for you to see and experience a whole new and different place of the ones you are used to…enjoy!!

  2. Ronald says:

    The first part reminds me of something i am reading xD

    “I had to say something to my old self, something memorial, something epic… “Goodbye.””

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