Three more days, friends, family and an unreal reality

Four nights of sleep, one night in the plane and I’ll be walking the streets of Shanghai.My brain refuses to grasp this reality and my heart doesn’t want to feel the sad actuality that I’m leaving my friends and family.
Apart from living in Italy for six months I have never lived anywhere other than in The Hague, The Netherlands.
I have been on holidays abroad but never outside of Europe, where culture and customs might differ but somewhere down the line of history they at least share some small piece of heritage with the rest of Europe, or at least it feels that way.
But China, how different can you go? I know about the Silk Road and the Romans, trading, camels, sand…. But that still doesn’t make it connected in the same way.
Oh! I’m getting all mixed up in my head now, thinking about sandy camels dressed in silk…
What is comes down to is that China is just so very far away!

Now I will be getting on a plane for ten plus hours and the thing I worry about most is what to do with my nicotine addiction…
My nerves come and go, because it’s just too unreal for them to get a hold on me. The trick is to think about something else, preferably something that needs taking care of…
I already started packing and my important papers are already laid out in a logical (and very visible, since logical places aren’t logical any more when you’re looking for something) place.
I made a checklist even, how organized can you get?
All things are taken care of. And I managed this in an orderly, controlled and organized fashion, no jidders, spasms of panic, nothing…. Smooth sailing (well there was that moment three days ago that I heard my tickets weren’t booked yet, but even then; control and no real panic). Does this mean it’s still to come?

Samsonite The protector

Thinking of all this makes me imagine a huge suitcase transformer hiding everything I need on my trip… Maybe it’s time for some sleep.
Which makes me think of dreams…
The funny thing is that I’ve been dreaming of going to China since I was a teenager, maybe that is long enough for me to think it will never happen.

….. Press “publish” and go to sleep!!!! ….


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artist, Art teacher Interests: Drawing, Painting, Experimental film making, writing, philosophy, motorbikes, sleeping!
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