Thirteen days, an accident and Predator

Yesterday, as I was cycling to the center to go to the movies, I got hit by a car. Fifteen days to go and my first accident in my life (if I believed in divine intervention, I would think someone was trying to tell me something!).
As I was cycling over the Scheveningseweg, which is a very long road, I crossed an intersection with the Ary van der Spuyweg.

I saw the gray car coming but since I had priority I was convinced that the car would slow


down and then come to a hold to let me through. The car didn’t slow down nor did stop (well, it did but after hitting me first), I remember being quite surprised about that.
The car hit me and like in the movies I landed on the windshield, while my bike was launched to the right which I followed a second later, after the car came to a sudden stop, landing on the curve’s edge. Being as clear minded as always I rolled into a ball while falling off the car, thus probably preventing any serious injuries to my much loved (mostly by myself in this case) person.
Some bystanders helped me to sit up and gave me some water.
After having checked if all my precious belongings (such as my Ipod, sunglasses, phone) were intact I called my film date, who I probably scared half to death, saying: “I’m running a bit late”. He replied: “and you say that now!?”, to which I said: “Well, it’s not really my fault, I got hit by a car!”.
Not really adding any other information he said to race, on his bike, to where I was.

The woman who was driving the car was in total panic so it was great to have some straight thinking people around since I was so busy holding my head and searching for my cigarettes (note, first thing you do after having an accident is smoke!!).
One of the bystanders called the ambulance and police, even though I said I was fine and absolutely didn’t have to go to the hospital (I was hurting but hey, I wanted to go to the movies!).
The ambulance was very fast, checked me to see if I wasn’t secretly dying and gave me an aspirin for my headache. I was a bit shaky from the scare and I have a big bump on my head, some bruises on my legs and a big scrape on my shoulder, other than that; all fine!
Meanwhile the police arrived, asking for statements, which all parties involved provided.
My friend arrived, all worried (so very sweet!), and in turn provided the necessary comfort.

Bye bye bike

When everything was almost said and done, I mentioned to the police officers that the worst thing about the accident was that we’d probably miss the movie! So they offered to give us a lift to the theater, very nice and how cool to be dropped off by the police!

It’s a shame the movie was a disappointment. We went to see Predators and as a big Predator fan I was looking forward to it no matter how much I tried not to be.
They horribly and effectively killed our beloved Predator in those 107 minutes… A sad sad ending to an adventurous evening…

The other thing that died that evening was my bike, but I wasn’t planning on taking it to China, so it’s not a big loss.


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