The great bike adventure, in loving memory of the late metal flower horse

25th may

One day in the month of may a little girls bike went away.
She looked but couldn’t find, she nearly lost her mind!
Of course, she really missed her metal flower horse.
She was in total panic and was very hectic.
What was the girl to do, who knows, you?
So she went on Face Book and look!
All her friends and family gathered around to see if her bike could be found….

Liza (the girl): where is my bike!?!
: It’s all part of the master plan
: well fck the master plan I want my bike!!!
Joris: Fine I’ll tell you the truth, some gnomes passed your house earlier and decided that it would be a useful tool in their quest for world domination.
Liza: whaha how dare they! aren’t there other bikes they could have used?
Tony: Has it taken advantage of a sunny day to take its annual vacation
Liza: well he could have left a note then…would’ve been polite!!! haha
Shiela: ooppssss.. sorry forgot to tell you.. it told it was going on holiday….
Liza: when?!!? and when is he coming back? and what am I supposed to do in the mean time?
Shiela: well i dunno when it’s coming back.. it might be a one way ticket.. sorry babe.. you know me.. I am so forgetful.
Liza: pff wat heb ik nou aan jou?! ( translation: what use are you to me?!)
Shiela: nothing… i luv ya 2…
Nika: Forgot to tell you , it came to me….. lol …. Guess he likes me more….. wha wha wha……
Liza: nou ja!!! why doe my bike hate me so much?!?!
Nika: Don’t know, cause maybe you like to leave it everywhere but in front of your house…. lol …. He is just looking for some fun hun … wha wha …. lol
Liza: whaha! he was actually in front of my house haha just a bit further away pfff! (oh and it wasn’t me who put it there, it was Andy…)
Liza: haha zie me andere status: “found my bike! (translation: see my other status)

The girl was very happy to see her bike no longer was roaming free.
And with a big smile on her face she took it for a race!
Pity it was to the supermarket …(maybe to get some rhymes?)


About alastor993

artist, Art teacher Interests: Drawing, Painting, Experimental film making, writing, philosophy, motorbikes, sleeping!
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