Wolter, my dearest cat

Tomorrow I’m going to perform the saddest task in preparation of my departure to China: bringing my cat, Wolter, to his new owners.
My heart breaks at the thought alone.


Wolter has been my best friend, my rock when I felt sad and alone, he was the clown that always made me laugh, the patient ear and he never had any comments on the silly thoughts I shared with him. He made coming home tired and alone, less alone and a lovely meeting. He annoyed the hell out of me from time to time and I loved him for it.
And now I’m going to dump him, leave and abandon him with people he doesn’t know…
I know I’m being anthropomorphic in thinking this way about him, but lets blame Disney for that!
I wish I could take him with me, but they will probably want to eat him over there and a plane ride isn’t the best thing for a cat, let alone getting him through customs and into quarantine for two weeks. It would make me feel better, keeping him with me, but it would be very hard and cruel for him.
So a month or so ago I found him a new home with a colleague of mine. He and his wife have a nice house with a big garden behind it where Wolter can go out and about. He will be loved and probably spoiled to death!

Let’s see how it will go tomorrow.

Edit 01/08/2010:
So I dropped Wolter of at his new home. It’s a lovely house with a great garden in a  nice neighborhood. He wasn’t as upset as I was, rather he was very curious about his new surroundings and his new family.
I think he’ll be happy there and that makes it easier on me aswell…

Edit 05/08/2010:
Yesterday the new owners of Wolter called. First I feared the worst, that he was being a pest and a nuisance. But nothing was further from the truth (thank god)! He was an angel she said, following her around the house being the perfect pet!
What a relief.


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