Man with no past

The man with no past
From his palace on the planet Nemenes, the Cannatic rules the Alastor Cluster. He keeps track of the doings of each of his more than trillion subjects. But there is one man he knows nothing about- for the past life of the wonderer Pardero is a complete mystery.
Padero set himself two goals; find out who he is and find his enemy, the person who stole his memory. Psychologists deduce that his home must be the mysterious planet Marune, a planet lit by four shifting suns, also known as Alastor 993. His travel to his home planet unravels the mystery of his identity, now the search for his enemy starts…

Jack Vance
Marune: Alastor 993
Second book in the Alastor series.

In Greek mythology: “the avenger”, was the personification of familial feuds. He was also associated with sins that pass down from parent to child. As a spirit of the household in Roman mythology, he induced people to murder and other sins. Originally a mortal -son of Neleus, King of Pylos- he was later downgraded to a minor daemon after he and his brother were killed by Hercacles.
In Christian demonology, Alastor became chief executioner to the monarch of Hell.


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